Performance and Career Management System, allowing employees to route their careers, providing training and development opportunities for them to develop their careers, a system that contributes to both individual and organizational development, creation, and the idea was built on the basis of performance, career, backup, talent management and training / Skip to operate as an integrated development processes.

Institutional development necessary to achieve success from the fact that individual success and everyone came to the reactive position to a proactive position and believes that his career as an institution that is responsible for all the support we offer our employees
Achieving the targets set by the position of the core competencies of each employee Haliloğlu Group itself continuously develop and demonstrate the functional capabilities of welcome. With the spread of a top-down corporate objectives and employee needs more well-established organization, so established a strong relationship between corporate success and development.

Employees better understand our organization, bringing together different perspectives and different competencies, improve communication and synergy of individuals to contribute to the development departments / rotations take place between companies, establishing project teams are expected to be active in their projects.